This is a car fighting game that is thrilling and very indulging. The idea of this game is to steer a car which has to destroy as many cars as it can. In order to progress through the game, player has to remain on the top of the leaderboard with the most kills until the car is destroyed. I have spent hours and hours playing this game, as it indulges you into destroying cars and boosting your kills. I love car games and this one is sure to make a position on the list of them.

Gameplay Description

The cars you destroy will spawn again as soon as they are destroyed. The player will have NOS in the car that will allow one to speed up to hit harder and reduce other car’s health but note that it will also reduce the player’s car health too with a fraction of health. Make sure you do not hit the car to the arena boundaries as it will reduce the car’s health after collision. After the game ends, the number of kills will determine how much game cash you have earned. So make sure, you kill more cars in one go to earn more cash.

The health and NOS bars are limited resources. The NOS is refilled after few seconds the player drives the car without it. A map is available for the player to know where other players are in the arena. Killing others will earn you game cash that will ultimately allow you to buy out the newer levels of the game. The player is also allowed to select from a range of cars that includes blue, red, green, purple and a police car.

How to play

A computer mouse or touch pad, that’s all you need to put your efforts in the game. To move the car in any direction, you just have to move your mouse to that direction and the car will move. To add a fast pace to your steering, press the left mouse button, it will help you to speed up and make hard turns. Use the right mouse button for immediate stoppage of the car. Reviews