Little Big Snake io

What is Little Big Snake io?

Little Big Snake io is a game developed by one of the most famous online game makers IO Games. They are famous for their games such as, and etc. This time IO games have brought up a new game called “Little big snake”. If you have been playing snake games on your elder’s phone in your childhood, I assure you, you will love this new version of the game. 

little big game

Game description

The game starts off in a brown muddy terrain with a snake. You name your snake whatever you want to. That name will appear to other users as well. The snake is green colored with red tongue initially. It grows by eating shinny circles in the setting. As this is an online game, other people from all parts of the world are also playing it. You have to stay away from big snakes as they will eat you. You also have to save yourself from crashing into mountains.

little big controls

The snake can accelerate its speed and reach the circles before anyone else gets them. It evolves by experience and food. Special powers can be bought up by using coins in evolution tab. The achievement tab will show you all the things you have achieved in the game. There are quests available by completing them you will unlock new snakes and gain XP to level up. There is also an option to play with friends as a team once you register yourself to the game. The game stop can also be accessed for special offers and abilities after the registration.

Controls of the game

The game is simple and easy to play. Use the mouse of your laptop or PC to move the snake. The snake will move in the direction of your mouse. To accelerate the snake click left twice. 

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