Have you ever had a dream of becoming a pirate? Well, look no more, this enchanting game has it all. The game has big map with different places to visit and explore in the vast sea. The game offers a lot more than just exploration; it has fighting ships, canons, fishing rods, goods and items. This just does not end here; there is a chat box for the Krew members of a ship to communicate with each other to strategize the gameplay. One minute into this amazing game and it is sure to grab your attention. unblocked

Gameplay Description

The map of the game has five islands to dock your ship at; Guinea, Labrador, Brazil, Jamaica and Spain. To reach out to all of these islands the player has to either sail alone on a raft or join as the Krew of another ship. While on the ship the Krew io members have to collect sea goods or to fight another to loot their goods. This way, the ship Krew will earn more score that will eventually bring them onto the top of the leaderboard. Also, a player looting goods will earn gold which will be essential to buy all the exotic items in the shop menu. game

The player can leave the ship at any moment and sail alone on a separate ship or a raft. Looting goods, destroying ships and killing other pirate will also boost your level that will enable you to loot more and buying more items. However, if the player is killed by another pirate, then to spawn back in to game, there is a certain amount of supplies that you have looted to pay to get back in again. The player is given a fishing rod to grab the goods for loot or to find a fish in the sea and a canon to shoot at the enemy pirates to destroy their ships. Note; always join the ship with more Krews on board. The bigger the Krew the better chances to win over other ships and leveling up.

How to play Krewio

The player needs a computer mouse to aim the fire the canon or the throw the fishing rod hook. Use the left mouse button to fire or the throw. Use the keyboard keys, WASD to move around in the map or to sail or steer the ship. Use the space bar to jump. To abandon the ship, click onto the abandon ship on the box on the top left corner. If you want to set sail on your ship, click on the sail button in the box at the top left side of the screen. If you want dock your ships on an island then press Z and if you want to cancel it then press C. Reviews