About is a brand new game with some cool graphics by the very renowned IO games. If you are looking for a game to play at night in low light, this will be your go-to game as the game is dark bluish black themed. The rudimentary idea of the game is to kill other users to keep them out of your way to reach the top of score board. 

Gameplay description

Start Publeio by entering a nickname. The game starts with a boat in a bubble. The boat moves around the map and hook down other players. The size of the bubble can be increased by eating food available all over the map and by bursting the bubble of other users. You can hook the boat with a single click and kill them. Similarly others can also kill you with a single hook. The game requires you to focus at all sides and pick a target that you have the best chance of taking down. game is an online game so there are people playing from all over the world competing with each other. There is a score board on the screen where you can see your ranking in the game. Everyone is striving to reach the top. 

Controls of the game is played by the help of mouse of your computer or PC. Move the mouse in a direction where you want to move your boat. To hook the opponents boat left click. To run away from them speed up your boat by clicking right on the mouse. Reviews