About unblockedClown games is famous for its online games namely,, and etc. Clown games is back with another super amazing game called Goons io. However, this time with a completely different idea.

The basic idea of the game is to slash and smash everything that comes in your way to top the score board. 

Gameplay description

The game takes place on bright white tiles. There are two game modes available. First enter your name or a nick name. The classic mode starts off with skin jazz with a sword, you can unlock other skins by following social Medias. You have to use the sword to smash other players and everything that comes in your way. You can grow your sword by collecting colorful pieces as your wander in the arena. If the sword of the opponent is bigger than yours, it is best for you to run away as soon as possible. drawing game

The other mode is called “Capture the flag”. In this mode you have to slash and smash other players. Specially the one which has the flag. Since this is an online game, you can invite your friends to join and protect the flag with you from other users. 

Controls for Goonsio

The game has simple controls but you need to be vigilant enough to play it. Both, Mouse and keyboard can be used to play it. Use the mouse of your PC or computer to move the direction of the Jazz. Right click to smash with the sword and blink to run away. When using keyboard use space bar to smash and “W” to accelerate the Jazz. Reviews