What is 

Robot combat is always good. The only thing better than two robots battling to the death is four robots battling to the death. It only gets better as the numbers increase. If you know any man that does not like the idea of robot combat, you need to spend as little time with them as possible. 

Imagine a fast paced, 3D, online multiplayer .io game where you can battle players from every part of the world. Imagine that you could, with your own robot, dominate other robots from every corner of the globe in a free for all orgy of glorious metal carnage. Now stop imagining, because you can do all these for real in the game. game

The idea behind the game is simple, straightforward and exciting nonetheless. All you need do is pick a robot that you think can inflict the most damage, pick your weapon, and start killing your enemies. It’s that simple. There is a map of the terrain on the screen that guides you to your enemies.
You earn points for killing your enemies. The process for earning points is simple. Find your enemies, kill them, earn more points and advance. As you advance and gather more points/Xp, you can unlock new, powerful abilities and upgrade your weapons. controls

The game is exciting and easy to master. You can decide to just kick back and destroy every opponent until, God forbid; you get tired of robot fighting.  
 It is hard to hate anything about this game.


Keyboard Controls: WASD for movement in all directions around the terrain. Remember the buttons.

  • W - Forward and Up.  
  • A - Left and Sideways. 
  • S - Right and Sideways. 
  • D - Backwards and Downwards.
  • The Space bar is for dashing or short sprints.

Mouse Controls

Left Click- Left Gun
Right Click- Right Gun Reviews