Game description

Battlestick is a game that is both fun and engaging to play; it also comes with simple controls. The game offers you a combination of suspense-filled action and humorous sounds to keep you going.

With battlestick you get mortal combat of archers as players try to escape the tactics of their opponents, devise their own tactics, stay alive and attain high scores. If you're looking for action and competition with strong opponents, is a good game for you. You also get to develop your dodging and attacking skill with this game. game

Archers from all over the world compete to stay alive within an arena. The task of the game is very simple: kill all the other players. Players within the game are typically strong with numerous tactics, so you shouldn't expect an easy ride. Players are equipped with powerful tools that make them even more difficult to defeat. You should also find time to top up the health of your player and stay in the best form.

You can play the game in any of its two modes: the FFA and skin modes. Both modes include games that last for a few minutes. At the end of every round you win, you get scores that could accumulate and be used for making in-app purchases. You can buy skins and special weapons for your player to equip them to kill more opponents and stay winning

The WAD keys or mouse or arrow keys move your player around; the S or down arrow key allows your player to lie down and regain health. When your player lies down, they cannot shoot the arrow. The left mouse click allows you to utilize a weapon, while the right mouse click allows to you blow up or release a satchel charge. offers a 2-D arena where you get to show your skills and develop winning strategies and try to stay alive. Reviews