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If you’re looking for a lightweight, simple yet exciting & fun game, look no further than the IO games. Today, we’re back with another super-duper IO games – Diep.io. This awesome game is developed and managed by Miniclip – a developer company of small and nice games for everyone.


The game is very simple and intuitive and full of the adrenaline rush. You play as a tank that’s able to shoot and move around the map. You own a tank with a specific color. The color is very important as it defines what you can hit and what not. Diep.io tanks are very realistic.

diep.io game
Diepio contains 8 different game modes full of fun.

  • FFA (Free for All) – It’s the simplest mode. You spawn with a basic tank and on level 1. You have to work your way through to get to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Domination – In this mode, you have to work with your teammates to capture all the 4 “Dominators” located on the map while keeping the situation under control with your enemies. The “Dominators” are extremely powerful stationary turrets with high damage. To capture, the total health bar of the turret must become 0.
  • Survival – This one requires minimum 10 players for a room to start the game. After a countdown of 10 seconds, everyone will spawn in the map and no one else will join the room. The target is to survive and the last tank standing. Players who die can’t re-spawn.
  • Tag – You spawn as one of the team. Players destroyed from the other team will spawn on your team and vice-versa. At every wave of 12-13 seconds, the arena shrinks to speed up the game.
  • 2 Teams – The title explains all. You spawn with a color of either team. You can’t hurt your teammates.
  • 4 Teams – The title is self-explanatory. Same as “2 teams”, except here’s 4 teams battling with each other.
  • Maze - Like FFA, but full of walls, just like a maze. It’s more difficult and quite easy to get cornered and get lost on the map.
  • Sandbox – Almost FFA, but with a lot smaller map. Sometimes contain “Crashers”.

In addition to game modes, there’s a system of upgrades. You can upgrade your tank to have additional stats like

  • Health Regen
  • Max Health
  • Body Damage
  • Bullet Speed
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Bullet Damage
  • Reload speed
  • Movement speed


The control of this game is very simple. It’s just like almost all other IO games.
Movement – Use arrow keys or “WASD” to move your tank throughout the map.
Attack – Left-click with the mouse. You can hold the click for continuous shots.

  • Auto fire – E
  • Auto spin – C


diep.io controlsThe strategy of Diep.io is a slightly different than other IO games. At first, as you’re a level 1, it’s the best to farm and upgrade yourself as high as possible. There’re many destroyable objects on the field that will earn you lots of points. Continue upgrading the abilities.
After a certain level, you can choose to improve your tank. Choose wisely as different ones have different actions. Unless you’ve become powerful enough, don’t go to the map’s middle area. Just start playing Diep io. You’ll fall in love of the game!

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