Game description is both thrilling and engaging to play. Players are part of one of three tribes, and they play according to set rule combining staying away from their predators with trying to kill their preys. The preys and predators for each tribe are not the same, and there's the twist that this game offers. Think of paper-scissors-stone but with an exciting twist.

The description of tribs io is pretty simple. You strive to stay away from your predators and kill your preys. Tribe members work together under the direction of the leaders to get the best advantage in the game. The three tribes that are available are AGWA which is water, FAYA which is fire and PLONT which is grass. The rules of the are also quite straightforward. Fire destroys grass, grass drinks water and water quenches fire. So if you are in the fire tribe, your task is to destroy grass and stay away from fire. The tribes are also denoted with colors with red for fire, green for grass and blue for water. drawing game

Playing is quite interesting as you get to master the skills and strategies of your player and tribe to maximize them. The tribes have different prowess and skill set. Overall, the goal is for the leader of a tribe to get its members to dominate the arena. offers some twists and turns. As you proceed in the game, chests with valuable content that can give you an edge over your opponents drop from the sky. There are four types of chests with varying content. You could also open chests with the gems you accumulate during the game or making use of real money. how to play

You should also maximize the spells you get throughout the game. Spells come in different forms and give you an edge over opponents. However, you should know how to use your spells timely for the maximum effect.

Control of is also very straightforward. You use the mouse to manoeuvre your player. Keys A and Q are for utilizing the first spell while keys K and W after for utilizing the second spell. To enjoy Tribs io, you should learn how to customize your play and develop new strategies. Teamwork is also essential in enjoying the game. Reviews