About Game currently has over 1million players online all over the world. The concept behind this super fun, addictive multiplayer game is to capture a much land as you can. To be on the TOP 10 - WORLD Leaderboard, you are required to possess as much territory as possible. This is no easy task as other players are thriving towards that same goal. unblocked

Game Play Description

Your character is a tiny snake with an insatiable hunger for land. The start of the game is a very small territory with the hope of gaining more territory on the map without getting killed. How do you create a territory? Move the snake to an empty space on the map and create a complete ring. A be careful not to touch your tail as this will be the end for you! Your snake will develop a long coloured tail as soon as you move out of your territory, so try to close each hexagon with your tail and connect it back to your base. game

All the lands yo have crossed automatically becomes your own if you return to your base successfully. Sounds simple right? Well heres the trick, other players are trying to achieve that as well so remember to slam into their tail and kill them before they reach their base. Sames goes for you, so WATCH YOUR BACK! Conquer the whole map and win!

To be the CHAMPION of the game, you have to master the art of sneaking into enemy territory to steal their land right under their nose, set traps, intercept and destroy other players. Remember to watch your tail!

How to Play

  • Your snake moves automatically; control with your mouse or arrow keys.
  • Create territory by drawing shapes with your snake and try to connect them back to your base.
  • If another player touches your tail while it is not connected, you will lose and start all over again.
  • You can join any neighboring empty territories to your base and also steal them from other players. You should endeavor to kill them to win more space for expansion!
  • Don't hit the edges of the map; this will get you instantly killed. Reviews