In the field of war, a tank is one of the most necessary components. In fact, it’s a must-have. There are thousands of games based on tanks. is an awesome tank shooter game that gives you the perfect experience of war.


The gameplay is pretty fluid and smooth. The graphics seem a bit rough, but as an IO game, it’s very compensating. The vehicle is somewhat toy at the beginning, but the further you upgrade, the cooler your vehicle becomes. There are different classes and types of tanks available to play and it’s quite easy to learn, but hard to master. game

As of now, there seem to be no special game modes. The only mode is the open arena. This mode can be tagged as “Survival” because all you have to do is to survive and kill other players. However, you’re free to upgrade your stats by earning points from destroying other tanks. The upgrades include –Health – Increases your maximum health.

  • Regeneration – Improves health regeneration rate
  • Speed – Increases movement speed
  • Reload – More shots per minute
  • Bullet speed – Bullet’s projectile speed
  • Bullet damage
  • Bullet range – Bullet flies further

The arena leader is marked by a gold dot on the map (bottom-left side).


The control of Bist io is very simple. In the map, your tank will move and shoot. Here are the control keys available.

  • Movement – W, A, S, D
  • Shoot – Left-click with mouse
  • Note that the gun will shoot at the direction of the cursor.


The game follows the same strategy like all the other IO games – destroy other players and dominate the arena. There’s also a system to play games with your friends as well. Each destroyed tank will drop a star. You have to collect the star on your own, otherwise, any other tank is free to grab it. The more star you collect, the more skill point you earn. If you’re playing with your friends, it’s easier to dominate the arena. All your friends, as a team, can crush all the players and continue dominating. strategy

You can destroy the walls and other boxes. The boxes will earn you different resources, like special ammo, shield or star etc. When you spawn first, try to farm them as much as possible. Keep a sharp look on your surroundings to protect yourself from rogue players. Ready to rule the arena? Reviews