If you are fond of flying and have ever wanted to fly in the air, this game is for you. Defly io is an online game powered by the very well-known IO games. Previously, IO games have been famous for their games such as,, and etc. However, this time they have taken a different approach and came up with a game which involves passion for flying.

Gameplay description

In this game, you own a blue helicopter. You are the pilot of the helicopter and you have to fly it all over the map. Meanwhile, you mark the dots on the map, stretch the lines and cover the map. When you join the dots, the territory is yours now. Since this is an online game, People from all over the world will try to come into your territory and shoot your helicopter. So be prepared to fight back as soon as you see someone coming near to you. The main goal is to own the most of the map by plotting the dots and joining the lines. Cover as much area as you can. game

The game can be played solo and as well as in a team. In a team, team members mark their territory and work in teams. All other functions are the same as solo mode.

Controls to play the game

Deflyio is simple and easy to play. Move your helicopter using the keys “W, A, D, S”. Plot the dots on the map by pressing the space bar. Click left on the map to shoot. Reviews