About Splixio

It is an online multi-player game that can be played on the mobile app as well. You can add friends and play with them. It is based on claiming more and more space on the map. The game is played by other online players so they can attack your territory too. So, you need to be very careful about taking any step in the game. If you want to score good, you need to secure your space first. If you lose your space you may lose the game.

Gameplay Description

In Splix.io game, your homeland is just like building blocks. You have to expand the blocks and on the other side secure your blocks too. You can give a specific color to your territory. This game is a little bit different from the others as your opponents always greedy to kick your ass if you have more space. It is hard to save yourself from others than attacking your opponents.

splix.io game

There is the easiest way to have more space. Just leave your territory and surround the available gray blocks near your space on the map and then go back to your territory. This will change your color and that part is now yours.

Body specifics does matter as well. There is a head and a tail. If any opponent attacks your tail, the game is over for you. ItÂ’s the same case for your opponents. On the other hand, you don't need to worry much about the head. If you are inside your territory, you are safe. It is not necessary to kill other players but you'll often feel to kill and leave your territory. Your first priority should get more and more space in the game.

How to play?

The controls of the game are easy as you like. The keys W, S, A and D are used to move up, down, left and right respectively. The operation is also done by using I, J, K and L keys. You can use P to stop or resume yourself.

splix.io how to play

The game is growing so fast around the globe and app has also launched on demand. It is easy to have this awesome game on your phone now. If you face any problems playing the game just visit splixio and have a lifetime best experience.So, get in touch with this new addicting game and get ideas to attack and secure your home.

Be happy and stay blessed!

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