Brawl games are one of the most favorite games of all times. You go ahead, beat up your opponent and defeat for the championship. There’s no way this popular genre would fall behind in the world of IO. Slain io is a game for the ultimate power!


It’s a very fun game rather having a very simple graphics. Everything is pretty smooth and exciting. Your avatar is a boxer whose target is to become the strongest. The game is still in the early stages at the time, but the expansion will surely come up with lots of other game modes and other features. game

Each kill or absorbing power-ups scattered on the map will earn you XP and level of your character. You’ll be prized by attribute points that you need to upgrade the stats of your champion. According to the game’s official claim, there’s no limit (virtually) of your character’s level and upgrades. The code in the game holds a limited value, but that’s TOO HIGH for any human to reach very soon. These are the available stats for your character.

 Defensive Attributes:

  • Maximum Health
  • Armor
  • Health Regeneration
  • Blocking

Offensive Attributes

  • Attack Damage
  • Armor Penetration
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Power

Special Attributes

  • Movement Speed
  • Energy Regeneration
  • Life Stealing
  • Damage Reflection
  • Energy Pool


  • Healer


The game follows the simple strategy of survival – kill to live and rule! The main interesting thing is, you can sign up for an account in that saves your game progress. As the max level is so HIGH, this is a very powerful and useful feature.

Continue farming in the arena. There’ll be small balls scattered all over the arena for your consumption. The more you eat, the more you kill enemies, the further you progress. There’re monsters of 3 tiers that can be dangerous for you. Try to kill them as soon as you get chance. An interesting feature is a block. When you’re attacked by an enemy, your block will help you survive the brawl. Effective blocks will reduce the damage dealt with you a lot.


  • The game follows very simple controls.
  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Attack – Left-click (mouse)
  • Block – “X” or Right-click (mouse) Reviews