About Pockey.io

Pockey.io is an interesting game by the IO games. The game is fun to play for all types of ages. It is highly addictive and the person will enjoy the game to a great extent. The basic idea of the game is to send all your balls in the table’s pockets before your opponent does.

Gameplay description

The game has a blue theme. Choose your ball’s color to start the game. The game starts off with a table all set with balls in the center. The arrangement of the balls are one ball is your color and the other is your opponent’s ball. There is a stick to aim and hit the ball into one of the pockets. The table has six pockets. It is illegal to hit your opponent’s ball and it will be considered as a foul.

pockey.io game

The first one to send all the balls in the pocket wins the game. The game actually tests your aim and your brain power to make a right decision. The tactic is to choose a pocket that is nearest to your ball. The force you apply to the stick is also a trick. Apply greater force if the pocket is far away. And apply low force if the pocket is near to where your ball lies. Use your strategy and win this two player game.

Controls to play the game

The game is simple and easy to play. Use the mouse of your computer or PC to aim. Click left to hit the ball into a pocket.

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