Beach flight is a game developed by The game has a bright colored theme, high resolution and some very professionally designed graphics. The basic idea of the game is to throw balls at other online users and eliminate them.

Gameplay description

Before the game starts, you have the choice to pick your baby avatar. Both males and females with different colored clothes are available. The game takes place on a yellow sandy beach. You move your avatar around the map and throw balls at other players to eliminate them from the map. Once a person is eliminated, rush towards them to gather the sweets, fruits, toys and golden shards. game

The fruits will restore the damaged health if someone hits you. Sweets will award you with score bonus and the golden shards will give XP bonus. Be the 1st one on the score board with the most gained XP. Get achievements by wandering in the arena and collecting things meanwhile growing your ball for higher damage percentage. You can see all your achievement by clicking on the trophy button on top right of the screen

Other users will also try to bump you so beware of the ones who have huge balls. You can run away from them quickly. Also, stay away from the yellow part, as going there will eliminate you from the game. This game is very fun to play for all ages.

Controls to play the game

The controls are simple and easy, you’ll need a mouse and a keyboard. Use your mouse to aim and left click to throw the ball. To move your avatar use the keys “W, A, S, D”. Reviews