Trooper is a game powered by the “Discord”. This is a grey themed gamed which takes place in the arena. The basic idea of the game is to start mining and shoot. The game is fun and easy to play and has various features.

Gameplay description

Trooper is started by selecting your avatar, there are various different shooters available. Move your miner around the map. Collect the items and shoot everything that comes in your way. Beware, do not shoot the drum with the skull icon, it will blow you up ending the game in an instant. game

There are various weapons available with different levels of range, regenerating time, damage and etc. The weapon’s names include laser gun, shot gun, Goo-gun and rocket launcher. There are various items on the map to collect such as potions to restore health, Armors to defend yourself, crates to cover yourself and ammo crates full of different kind of weapons. unblocked

The game is online and be played as a guest, however this will not save your scores and data. To save your score and data you can log in. If you have love for arcade games, play this game and show off your talent. Gain scores and make your score the highest on the score board.

Controls used to play the game

The game is simple and stress-free to play. Use your PC or laptop’s mouse to aim and shoot by clicking left. You can move you avatar by using your keyboard’s keys. “W, A, D, S”. Reviews