About Game

This game offers quite an interesting experience. It has the look and feel of the classic retro games from the 80’s and 90’s. It looks like ‘Pacman’ mixed with ‘Bomberman’ and ‘Super Mario’ with major elements  of the ‘Contra’ and ‘Minecraft’ adventure games thrown in the mix. It is set in a 2D block world that greatly resembles the ‘Minecraft’ environment.

Gameplay description

Imagine a character which resembles Pacman wielding a firearm and getting chased around the maze by a bear and a ghoul who are also wielding firearms. During the chase, an intense shootout ensues and you have to seek cover if you must survive. As if that’s not crazy enough, there’s a giant Pacman character wielding a Bazooka and blasting everything in its path to shreds. No, I am not joking. However, if you die you get the chance to re-spawn and continue your quest. game

It is an intense shooting game that requires you to move around the map and try to upgrade your character and improve their level by eliminating other players and amassing points which would be used for the upgrade. The idea here is for you to try to stay alive while making your way through the maze. To improve abilities, you can drill blocks with a picks or destroy skeletons. You can toggle between weapons to improve your destructive ability as you make your way through the maze. drawing game

Gunbox is far more intense than most .io games out there. It would easily rank among the top ten in terms of gameplay intensity. It also boasts of the most well developed ‘gamescapes’. It is well worth a try.

How to play

WASD keys are used for movement

  • W is for moving Forward/Upwards. 
  • A is for moving Left/Sideways.
  • S is for moving Right/Sideways.
  • D is for moving Backwards/Downwards.
  • F is used for picking weapons.
  • Space Bar is used for firing weapons.
  • ‘Enter’ key is used for initiating and sending chats.
  • Mouse: The mouse can be used for aiming by pointing in any direction. Reviews