Mechario is an epic online game that gives you all sci-fi and fantasy feels. The game can be played between a number of players from all over the world. The game is played in two arenas, a laboratory and a dessert. Visuals of both the arenas are perfectly designed. If you are a sci-fi, robot fan as well as enjoy shooting games, is the game for you.


Mech, a robotic shooter is the main character of the game. Mech is in a battle, and the target is to survive for long and make as many kills as possible. All over the arenas, medicine kits and weapons are distributed that you can collect to regain health or power up your ammo. There are many weapons in the game. There is rocket launcher, saw, cannon, machine gun and grenades. game

You have to target and kill all the robotic enemies you encounter on your way.  Items such as shield energy, mine spider, EMP spider can also be collected. Each item helps your Mech to deal with enemies one way or another. The mines can be used to paralyze an opponent or take away his health. Hence there are a number of interesting ways you can kill.

The interface of the game is just as interesting. Colours like grey and brown give you a real sense of robotic and Sci-Fi genre of the game. There are three servers you can choose from to join in the game. Loading is without a glitch and smooth. You can also chat with your fellow players while playing the game.


A player can use W, S, A, D to control his Mech and move around in the arena. Mouse can be used to aim and fire with left click. If you wish to change your weapon and choose another from the stock, you can press 1 to 9 numbers on your keypad.

So choose a cool looking Mech and join in the battle with your teammates. Make kills and be declared a winner and enter the Hall of Fame. Reviews