About Shooters io is an online arcade game by the very famous IO games. Previously, IO games have been famous for arcade games such as, Man or Monster, Ranger Steve and the list goes on. has a black theme with good graphics.

Gameplay description

The basic idea of the game is to shoot and dominate the largest area of the map. Enter your name and start the game. Move your spaceship around and collect the spaceships to increase your fleet. The more the spaceships you have the more easily you will be able to shoot others and take their spaceships. Each spaceship shoots one laser bullet. So for example if you own 10 spaceships you will be able to shoot 10 laser bullets at the same time. Once you shoot other user’s spaceships you will get their spaceships in your fleet. game

The laser bullets you shoot can be manually released and also there is an auto shoot mode available. There is a score board/ leader board on top right on the screen where you can see your points and ranking among the people. Grow your fleet to an extent, so that you can reach the top of the board. This is one of the best games by the IO games and I highly recommend playing it.

Controls to play the game

Use the mouse of your PC or laptop to play this game. Move your mouse in a direction where you want to move your spaceships to. To shoot the laser bullet click left. Reviews