Game Description

hyperfleet.io gameHyperfleet is an action-packed, adventurous and exciting game to play. It is a multiplayer game where players fight invading spaceships and protect their base. Hyperfleet.io is great for you if you love to shot at enemies and are a fan of spaceships. Hyperfleet.io is played in a 3D setting making it even more fun with the amazing graphics. It is not just another shooting game.

Your duty as a player of hyperfleet.io is to work with other players that are part of your team to destroy the opposing team and fight against their attacks on your base. The game comes with two teams, blue and red. You are automatically assigned a team when you start to play the game.

You are also assigned a spaceship which is the battle weapon of the game. There are four types of spaceships. You get assigned the basic one at the beginning of the game, but you can upgrade your spaceship when you earn enough credits later in the game. The four spaceships available in this game are Terran Scout, Terran Destroyer, Terran Fighter and Terran Frigate. Terran Scout is the basic spaceship you get at the beginning of the game, and it comes with free repairs.

How to play game

As part of your team, you are to guide your spaceship very carefully amongst other spaceships and asteroids. Enemy attacks come in different forms, and you are to recognize the different forms and destroy them. Some attacking spaceships are harder than others to destroy, so you have to be ready to keep fighting until the spaceships become inactive. You also earn credits when you destroy spaceships. The credits you are rewarded with differ according to the type of spaceship.

The space station of your team is where you get to restock and repair your ship as necessary. It is best for you to stay in the best form at all times as you do not know when the alien invasion will be heavy. You can also make upgrades and deposit your credits in the bank in your station.

hyperfleet.io controls

With the left click, you can shoot attacking aliens. The shift key allows you to control thrust, while the number keys allow you to use skills. The mouse also helps you control your spaceship's movement.

Hyperfleet.io is a game of survival. You have to cooperate with your team members to survive alien invasions in the midst of high-quality graphics.

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