Game Description

Wanderers io is a game tailored to enhance the people management and capacity building abilities of its players. It is also a lot of fun as you get to combine managing your tribe members with fighting off hostile tribes and building a nest for your tribe. The developer of the game, Rezoner, combined several features which combine fun, action and strategic skills building.

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As a player, you are tasked with managing a tribe of nomads. You are to guide the tribe through the wild collecting resources and building up more tribe members. At first, you should focus on getting basic resources and hunting animals for food. As your tribe collects more resources, you can then build more tribe members and incorporate new skills and strategies into your tribe. Initially, ax wielders and bow wielders are important members of your tribe needed to kick-start the management process.

As the tribe gathers resources and develops, you can add other tribe members which include woodcutters, missionaries, miners and axmen. These units will ensure the survival of your team. As you manage your tribe, it is important to search for new locations with better resources.

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You get to showcase your survival skills with Wanderers.io. Collecting resources and utilizing them appropriately enhances the chances of your team surviving. Never forget to be prepared for opposing tribes too. As you guide your team, you will encounter opposing tribes which may not be welcoming.

The different units of a tribe act automatically. So your duty is to ensure to guide them and delegate specific duties that ensure the survival of the team. As your tribe becomes more powerful, you also get to unlock tools that increase its overall performance.  You can also buy equipment for the units of your team. The left mouse button allows to you interact and guide your tribe. Your duty is simple-ensure that your tribe survives.

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