Vertix io is an online game that has been created by Sidney de vries. The game is played by collecting points while killing off opponents. The kills are carried in a shootout style. You can also become part of a clan once you have joined the game. The game is easy to play yet very thrilling.


There are classes of hit man you can choose from. You can be a hunter, detective, arsonist, rocketeer whatever you like. With each class, you will be given weapons and skins to get you in the real feel. Each type of hit man is different. For instance, the arsonist has a health of 100 HP with ammo of 30 bullets. In contrast, the rocketeer has a health of 120 HP and 1 rocket in his ammo. You can choose your player according to your likeness. game

On the screen, you will be able to see the leader board, and a map specifying your target. You will also be able to chat with other players via a chat feature in the game. You will have to be careful not to kill your own clan member during the shootout. There are a number of hideouts you can use to escape shots from the opponent. controls

Vertixio can be played in several modes. Such as snipers mode, team death match, boss hunt, rocket war etc. In each mode, the instructions are different. However, you will always win points for your kills. And the team with most number of kills will be declared winner at the end.


You can control the movement of your figure with W, S, A, D on the keyboard. The space can be used for jump. To aim and shoot you can simply use your mouse. R can be used to reload your weapon once ammo runs out. E and Q can be used to change your weapon during the game. Reviews