About Orbs.it

Ever wondered how fascinating our planets are? But do you like the fact of owning every planet that would give you a feeling of the supreme leader of all. Well, this game is a challenging one that requires you to be spine chilled and agile at the same time. The planets are sort of orbs in this game and to own these orbs you have to shoot bullets at them to turn them into your planets.

orbs.it game

But, beware there are others to win your planets by doing the same. The supreme leader will be the one who owns all 24 orbs. Unlike other games, this one really pays off for being number one on the leaderboard. The color of the owned orb changes when it is hit by the bullet. The world champion of this game will win $50.

Gameplay Description

The game has a massive map that has 8 players at a time who try to own all orbs by shooting bullets at them. A player has to quickly shoot at the orbs to own it, however the player should make sure that their orbs are not being owned by any other player. In order to do this, the player can select the floating orb that has been targeted by another player and shoot a bullet to another player’s orb to own it. This should be done before other players shoot your orbs. To watch all the orbs at once the player can zoom out of the map but that makes it harder to shoot at the orbs. Zoom back in to have better shots at the orbs.

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How to play Orbs.it

The player needs a computer mouse to aim the fire the bullet or to select the target orb. Use the left mouse button to fire the bullet or to select the orbs. To zoom out scroll downwards with the mouse wheel and to zoom back in scroll upwards.

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