About is an engaging online game powered by IO games. This game has a blue setting with greenery all over the place. The game will surely be enjoyed by the real gamers. Go on for a challenge and see if you can top the score board.

Gameplay description

To start the game, enter your name or a nickname. This name will appear in game to other players. Choose your cube from a variety of cubes with different facial expressions. Once the game is started, move around, jump on the blocks and attack other cubes. Gain XP by smashing other cubes. You can collect weapons and items around the map. The weapons are also left behind by the players you smash. So hurry up and collect them before someone else does. You can also drop your collected items from inventory to give them to other players. game

Since this is an online game you will also be attack by other users. You can invite your friends to team up and play against the world. The one who has most score will win the game. Warm up your fist and go for a punch, to turn the tables of game to your side.

Controls of the game

Use the mouse of your PC or Laptop and a keyboard to play this game. The controls are easy and simple. Use the mouse to aim and left click to punch. To move your cube use they keyboard’s keys “W, A, S, D”. To change your weapon or use inventory items, press the number keys 1 to 0. Reviews