About Game

If you've enjoyed the well-known flappy bird game, you will find Flaap.io very appealing. Flaap io is the online multiplayer version of Dong Nguyen's game, Flappy bird. Just like Flappy bird, you are to flap efficiently and stay away from the different obstacles you will encounter.

Flaap.io is a great game for persons with a good nervous system, as they can have fun and score very high scores at the same time. For you to succeed at this game, you should know how to exert control and maintain a proper balance between obstacles. As expected, the farther you fly, the more obstacles you encounter. You do not exactly have to compete with other players, but you strive to achieve a good score and fly as far as possible in your request.

flaaap.io game

Other players of the game will be like artefacts and you will be focused on flapping and maintaining your balance. Your goal is to fly further, avoid those annoying tubes and unlock new abilities as you go. You can also get to challenge your friends as see how far you can get.

As you fly into farther areas, you unlock new levels which come with bird transformation. These levels will also be more challenging and you have to get acquainted with the changes as soon as possible to avoid losing.

How to Play

Playing Flaap.io is a great way to simulate one's nervous system. It's also an interesting game as you with people from all over the world, even if you are not competing against them. As you attain higher scores, you get to dominate the scoreboards and enjoy the thrill of winning.

The mouse and keyboard are the controls of this game. You can fly by clicking on the mouse or tapping on the spacebar key.

Flap away and stay on top on your game with Flaap.io. Remember one wrong move can bring you down.

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