About Squadd.io

If you are looking for a game to lift up your mood, you are at the right place. Squadd.io is a new game by the IO games. However, this time with a bang, the game comes with a colorful theme and keeps the player engaged for hours.

squadd.io game

Gameplay description

The game starts of by selecting the avatar. It starts with a man in red clothes equipped with a gun. The basic idea of the game is to shoot other players, earn points and top the score board. While you are shooting other, since this is an online game, you will be attacked too. So hide and make a move from behind the enemy. To defend yourself from bullets keep moving your character to right and left so that the opponent misses the target.

squadd.io drawing game

This game is very entertaining and keeps you occupied for hours. The aim is to snatch the crown from the opponent and rest it on your head. By killing others you will earn points and eventually you will level up. The game can be played as guest if you are on the go, however, if you want to safe your hard work and data you can login. Have fun and enjoy the game!

Controls to play the game

The controls to play the game are very simple and easy. Use the mouse of your computer or Laptop to aim. Click left to shoot and click right to dash. To move your avatar around the building top use the keyboard’s keys “W, A, S, D”.

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