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gobattle.io gameWe always love playing with our favorite superheroes, right? They’re our idol in our dream, in our fantasy. Knowingly or unknowingly, we always prefer playing such games as well. If you’re one of the superhero fans, don’t waste your time sitting around and waiting; get started with GoBattle.io!

In the world of IO, this is one of my most favorites. It’s because you’re free to play with your favorite superheroes from the entire universe.


The gameplay of this game is SERIOUSLY fun and fluid. At the starting, you have chosen your name and avatar, just like any other IO game. However, Gobattle.io levitates the fun to a whole new level – heroes! Yes, your avatar is your favorite superhero. Currently, available heroes are – Batman, Robin, Saitama etc. Total 9 playable characters are available.

gobattle.io drawing game

The game is a massive arena of a 2D world. The graphics are quite similar to the good old (classic 2D) games. There’re players everywhere. In addition, there’re also lava and other deadly traps that will kill you instantly. You throw a knife, batarang etc. depending on the character. But the basic is the same – throw those blades to your enemies.

Gobattle contains 3 different game modes

  • King Mode – The classic mode where you eliminate your enemies and reach the top of the leaderboard.
  • Damage Ball – It’s more like a football match with 2 teams. However, the ball is poisonous and will cause damage to you as long as you hold it. Be careful!
  • Private Server – A sandbox-like mode for playing with friends only. Create a server (game room), share it with your friends and show ‘em your inner FURY!


The arena is quite a mess with tons of players hunting down each other. You have to follow several tricks before ruling the arena.

First of all, farm and upgrade yourself. At the level 1, you won’t be able to do much damage to others. Try to hide and stay away from others. If you can keep the spacebar pressed, that’s a big advantage for you. Don’t rush; have patience. You’ll die again and again, but you can respawn from nearby the place where you died.

gobattle.io strategy

In Damage Ball mode, you have to continue passing the ball with your teammates and try to take the advantage of the poison. Players will get stuck with the ball if you successfully throw it to them. You can also attack other team’s players. There’re several types of firing options available, like shuriken, bombs, axe etc. I prefer the bomb for its death damage. Don’t forget to eat all the potions available in the arena!


The game is very simple to control. It’s more like every other IO games, but there’s some caveat as well.

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Attack – Spacebar
  • Duck – Down or “S” key

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