About Game

Similar to Tankar.io but with different game styles, Tankwars.io is a game that builds up adrenaline and involves taking over territories in a tank war. You escape enemy fire and target enemies with your tank to get going.

tankwars.io game

Expect to battle other aggressive players from all around the globe in a bid to dominate and take over territories. In Tankwars.io, you get a tank with which you battle other players to attain the top position in the game. You battle against several opponents, and the player with the highest number of conquered territories wins at the end of the game.

You can get upgrades to your tank as the game proceeds. Planes drop off power-ups in the course of the game, and you should look out for them and maximize them to give your tank an added advantage. Tankwarsio is an action-filled game, so expect surprises and aggressive moves by other players as you go. You should also upgrade your tank to make it more efficient as you go. 

Controls to play the game

The game comes in two modes, the Team Deathmatch and the flag modes. With any of the modes, domination is still the end-point. You can also customize your strategy by changing the controls as you go. Landmines are great tools for stopping your enemies and killing them. You can also use air raids to have an edge over your enemies, and blow them into space. Whichever strategy you choose, the goal should be domination.

tankwars.io controls

The arrow and WASD keys will control your tank. You can use the mouse key for aiming and shooting, and you can use any of keys 1 to 6 to access the numerous abilities. Whatever you do, keep your focus on killing as many enemies as possible and keeping your eye on the price.

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