About the Game is a unique combat game where players get to exercise their skills at war with other classes of opponents. The classes of opponents in the game include knights, Spartans and other notable historical warrior characters. game

As a player, you can to fight other players with the weapons made available. The weapons made available for warriors of are ax, spear and sword. is a multiplayer game, so be prepared to battle with players from different parts to the world to attain the top position of the game.

Gameplay description

The game comes with unique features. You get pickups from players when you hit them with your chosen weapon. The pickups from players are scattered all over the arena. Pickups can be in the form of shields and mounts. As you pick them, you acquire the advantages that come with them. The xp of a player is the indication of the health of the player. As you attack other players, their xp reduces. Your xp is also an indication of your strength and size.

There are basically four characters in There are the Vikings, the Spartans, the peasants and the knights. Of all characters, the peasants are not typically warriors. The different characters are equipped with specific mounts but similar abilities. The difference between the types of warriors is the mount on which they ride. It is important to use a mountain to enhance your abilities. unblocked

Spartans, Vikings and knights do equal damage, while the peasants are less damage-causing. Except you love an extreme challenge, it is not advisable to play as a peasant. You will find bigger and larger opponents as you go, and you can team up with other players to beat them. However, watch your back!

How to play gameĀ 

  • Try to take fewer hits and stay alive throughout the game to win.
  • The mouse provides direction for your character, while the space bar key allows you to launch attacks against your enemy.
  • The goal of is quite straightforward. Stay alive, acquire pickups and upgrades as many times as possible and dominate. Reviews