About game is a free online multi-player game where you just have to eat your way to the top of the leaderboard or become a victim. can be played in your computer browser, mobile phone either Android or iOS. Your task in this game is to top different leaderboards, including that of your own friend's. Your friends can be added and you compete against them, also coins must be gained often and on for you to keep on leading as the champion.

This io game is not a quite easy or simple to play kind of game, you have to pay an undivided attention while playing this game so as to gain the most point and remain alive. It can be played and enjoyed in your leisure time, but for you to become the best, you have to put in more time. has been created to suit different caliber of people notwithstanding your age, sex, occupation, and level of interest in games. You will surely find pleasure in playing it and no time put in will be regarded as a waste.

Gameplay description

To begin playing, launch the game app and select if you are an existing or new player. If you are a new player, then you have to keep track of your progress by creating an account. The main objective of this game is to grow your frog and this can be achieved by jumping around to kill files, bugs and other online enemy frogs. As soon as your frog comes in contact with bugs or flies, it grabs them. game

As your frog increases in size, it can then pounce on the little frogs and feast on them, as this move attracts extra points. When the little frogs bump into you, they will have themselves to blame because they will die, but you have to be extremely careful when making a jump, because if there is a collision between your frog and another frog of the size in the air, your frog will be left with a sorry face.

Game controls control is quite simple, just tap the screen or your mouse to make your frog jump towards the enemy frog or flies. You can tap and hold the screen or mouse to make your frog turn at a spot. You need to keep an eye on the mini-map, it helps you to keep track of nearby frogs. The color coordination will help you avoid bigger frogs, chase down smaller ones and locate your friends. Reviews