About Game combines the use of magic with fighting off enemies to collect objects and treasures from nine treasure chest at different locations on the map. Players of are known as mages who cast spells on other mages. The overall task as a mage is to get the best spells and magical ingredients required to dominate. Every other mage is going to try to get the spells and the powers before you, so you should be strategic as you play the game. game

As you go along with the quest, there are strategic objects that you should target for the extra advantage they offer. You will get spells, experience and resources with the strategic objects. The items that come with the objects appear as soon as you hit them. You should thus collect them as quickly as possible before another player shows up and collects them.

You may find ordinary or gold chests on your quest. The chests contain different items. You also attain newer levels as you proceed in the game and find assigned treasures. After you break a treasure, its location on the map changes. strategy

To upgrade your magical skills, you need to spend gold and other materials you have gathered in your quest. With each new level, you also get increments of health and mania. You should learn how to use your spells over other players. The spell setting area shows you all the available spells. You can activate some; some are just to increase a specific feature for a while. The more spells you acquire, the stronger you are as a mage. You also get to exercise your power over other mages.

The left click button helps your mage move. You can utilize basic spells with the E or spacebar key. The A button enables you to use character base spell or choose an area. With the 1 to 4 buttons, you can cast equipped spells. With the S key, you can stop a character. The G key opens the spell setting dialog box, while the enter key opens the chat button. In the world of, the best mage wins. Reviews