If you have an infatuation with shapes and colours, will prove to be a great game for you. The colour scheme of the game is absolutely dazzling. It is all about shapes. A player will assume a shape. It could be a square, circle or a triangle. The shape will roam around a beautiful starry arena. Players from all around the world can play this amazing free game.


The game is really simple. All you have to do is absorb your opponents to eliminate them and achieve a higher rank. To absorb, you will first have to assume the shape of your opponent. This will require quick reflexes on a player’s part. However if your opponent assumes your shape first, they will absorb your shape and eliminate you from the game. To escape absorption from opponent, a player must change their shape quickly. game

You can choose a cool nickname for yourself. After entering the arena, try to collect as much planets as you can. These planets are sorts of bonuses and increase your points and ultimately the size of your shape. They will unlock cool new symbols for you. Apart from that, it can also help boost up symbol changing rate. All you have to do is move through the opponent’s shape to absorb them.

A scoreboard will be visible throughout the game on right side of the screen. Be on the lookout for your opponents as they will try to absorb you. Collect planets, increase your points and achieve unique symbols for yourself. So you can escape your opponents’ tricks to get you! You can also share your score with pride on Facebook or Twitter by the end of the game.


You can control your shape through mouse. To change the shape of your figure, click left key of the mouse or press spacebar. Reviews