About game

The name is pretty self-explanatory for this game. Developed by Ishuri and Zane, the game is set underground. A player operates a drill and it has to tunnel through the ground. While doing that, a player must collect rewards distributed in their way to get cool upgrades. With these upgrades, your drill will become more advanced and effective.


The target of the game is to be leading drill underground by making maximum burrows. You will find little twinkling precious minerals along your way. Collecting them will boost up your drilling. You drill will also be upgraded to better and more powerful versions.

drillem.io gameplay

You will also face several opponents during the game. You can destroy your competitor drills by placing bombs in their way. But beware, because you can destroy your own drill as well if you do not move out of the way. To escape danger and bombs placed by other players, you can dash away.

With increased minerals that you collect, your level will up in the game. And higher levels come with better characteristics. For instance, after the 4th level, your drill will be upgraded to a better version. Level depends on points that you gather. And points will determine your rank in the game. On the screen, you can see other players and their ranks as well as yours during the game.


To move your drill through the ground, you can use your mouse. Right click of the mouse can release a bomb, while the left click will boost the speed of your drill.

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