In addition to being close to, is an exciting game to play. The game combines fighting off other ships with shooting asteroids that helps one earn points and upgrade one's ship. game

In Spaceblast io, you get a ship which is your battle weapon. With your ship, you attack other players who will aim at your ships. Destroying other players' ships earns one experience, and that's why other players will be keen on destroying your ship. You should be watchful of such ships and destroy them before they end the game for you.

Game Play Description

There are upgrades within this game. As you destroy asteroids, your spaceship receives upgrades. These upgrades will enhance the ability of your ship and make it better equipped for battling other shops. You also get to move to higher levels as you continue playing. With each new level you get, you are awarded new scores. drawing game

Things move very fast in, so you should be prepared for the twists and turns as they come. They will come in several forms. You can develop a personal strategy for the game, but it is important to focus on all three elements of the game: proceeding to new levels, upgrading your ship by shooting asteroids and staying alive by killing enemies. In shooting asteroids, you should be careful, as some can explode back to your ship.

The controls of include the WASD which moves the spaceship and the keyboard keys 1 to 6 which give you access to the skills acquired. combines fun and action in a way that is both thrilling and challenging. Reviews