About Bellum: Legacy

This is a stellar title from Bellum games. or Bellumio is an exciting and thrilling game. It is a free, real time, online strategy game. To describe it simply, Bellum io is an incredibly interactive board game with excellent graphics. It is designed to simulate military strategy and campaigns on a very basic level. The graphics are simple, sharp and very colorful.

It is quite unique in its gameplay narrative. It gives you full control of the operation. In this game you are the strategist and executor, not just a heavily armed operative on a mission to destroy. Gameplay

In this game, your goals are to defend your territory and conquer more territory using your own army. You can proceed on your quest alone or you can co-operate with other players online by creating alliances. Unlike other games where you generate ‘XP’ or collect coins to advance, in you generate MP, which is ‘Military Power’. MP serves the same function as XP and coins in other games. It can be used to make tanks, airfields and even soldiers which in turn are used to generate more MP per second. You can upgrade your equipment if you choose. description

For all its simplicity, it is quite thrilling and engrossing. If you are interested in military games or games about military strategy or just strategy board games, then you’d love Bellum io.


  • Mouse

The game is almost entirely controlled by the mouse except for the chat functions which are controlled by the keyboard. You click on objects or menus, you drag and drop.

  • Keyboard

Chat commands

  • /disable – turn off chat
  • /enable – turn on chat
  • /help – for commands Reviews