From the very first image it’s clear that the game will be enjoyable. It is a fun and fast paced .io game that is played online. The ‘gamescape’ is beautiful and verdant. The characters are simple square shaped warriors wielding sticks. The sticks are the instruments with which a character can whack his opponents into oblivion. Although some characters wield swords and lances, they do not have any visible advantage over the stick wielders. gameplay

The aim of the game is to destroy all your opponents with your almighty rod of domination. You must walk around the map destroying every foe in sight. You vanquish your enemies by whacking them with your stick. You must navigate carefully to avoid getting hit with a stick as well, because if you are hit, you die.


As you kill more enemies, you earn gems which you can use to purchase new outfits for your character. The ‘gamescape’ is littered with jewels which you have to collect. As you collect more gems the length of your stick increases. This increases your attack range, therefore your chances of survival and your capacity for destruction increases exponentially.      

It is a very entertaining game. It is simple to learn and master. The simplicity and brightly colored environment and characters serve to enliven the game’s simplistic objective.  Gameplay is thrilling. You should try it.


WASD buttons on the keyboard can be used for moving the characters around.

  • W is for Forward/Up. 
  • A is for  Left/Sideways.
  • S is for Right/Sideways.
  • D is for Backwards/Downwards.
  • The Space bar is for dashing or short sprints.
  • The arrow keys can also be used for navigation in the required direction as well. Reviews