About game

Zomzom.io is a game developed by the very well-known IO games. The game is very different from previous games as it involves zombies. If you have been a fan of zombies, this is your chance to control and play with them. The game has a greenish theme.

Gameplay description

Enter your name and choose a server from Asia, USA, or EU to start the game. There are several game rooms you can choose from as there are different number of players playing in that room. The basic idea of the game is to wander around the map with your zombie. You have got various weapons which you may use to attack other zombies on the map. Beware, they will also attack you so be ready to counter attack. Stay away from the rotating fans as your health may go low near them.

zomzom.io gameplay

As the game is online, you can also invite your friends to the server you are playing on. Team up against other players and kill everyone. The game is very fun to play. It is engaging and it will keep you entertained for minutes or even hours.

Controls to play the game

The same is very simple and easy to play. You will need a mouse of your laptop or PC and a keyboard to play the game. Use the keyboard’s keys “W, A, S, D” to move the zombie around the map. Use the mouse’s left click to attack other zombies on the map. Good game

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