If you ever played any collecting game where you can upgrade yourself and master everything, you’ll fall in love with Exocraft.io. In the outer space, you’re on your own spaceship to reach the ultimate level. Ready to grind your way? Let’s go!


In the world of sci-fi, there’s no room for dull & dead; it’s COOL and shiny everywhere. Exocraft.io isn’t different than that. As an IO game, this is really one of the best games in terms of graphics. Shiny spaceship, exotic elements all around yourself – everything will bring the experience of a true outer space.

exocraft.io game

This is a huge game and your progress through the game can take lots of time. Keeping that in mind, you have the option of creating an account that will save your progress and continue grinding the map for a quite long time. Here, you can collect crystals from around the world and sell them for earning credits that can buy you all the necessary & other exotic items for your spaceship.

Every single thing counts. Your drones are your most important friends; make sure to take care of them.


The controls are very simple, only your ship to control.

  • Forward – W or Up
  • Backward – S or Down
  • Rotate clockwise – D or Right
  • Rotate counter-clockwise – A or Left

If the keyboard control isn’t good enough for you, you can click on the map. The ship will follow the direction. Once you’re nearby any mine/guardian, you can click on them to deploy your drones for collecting/attacking. Your ship has to collect all the crystals, not to mention.


The game is all about becoming the best in terms of level and design. In addition to collecting and upgrading, there are other events like team race. There’s a global leaderboard on the right side of your game’s screen. Make sure to make an account before you start grinding in the arena so that you don’t lose your progress.

When the game starts, the first thing to do in this game is to grab as many crystals as possible from anywhere in the arena. You have a cap on the maximum amount of crystals you can have on your ship. Crystals can earn you the valuable credits. Credits are the real in-game currency that will get you everything.

exocraft.io drawing game

In the beginning, the tutorial will explain in details how to upgrade your ship, get new equipment and of course, collect more and more crystals for the sweet credits. There are guardians scattered in the map that guards the ultimate mines. You’ll be having drones with you all the time. Using the drones, you have to mine shipwrecks and attack guardians. The more powerful your drones are, the better excavation + attack they’ll do. Don’t forget to repair them; drones become weak and damaged each time they’re used.

You can get credits for real money, but if you follow some tricks, paying money won’t be necessary. Make sure that you get more drones and upgrade them for better power. Then, continue destroying guardians for the ultimate loot bonus.

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