What is Karnage.io?

If you're looking for a game that allows you shoot other characters from all over the world in an obstacle-filled environment, Karnage.io is a good game for you to try out. This game is both thrilling and adventurous.

karnage.io game

Karnage.io, a multiplayer player game involves shooting other players to earn more score and move up the leaderboard. As a player of Karnage io, you are on a battlefield and survival, as well as killing other opponents, are the most important elements of this game.

Game Play Description

karnage.io how to playThe obstacles in this game are lava-filled chambers that are full of blinding light. So, in addition to staying away from your opponents and aiming to kill them, you have to be careful with the lava chamber because they can kill you. In other words, you have to be watchful of both the lava and your enemies. If you've played slay.io, you should be able to create a strategy for this game easily.

Sidney de Vries, the creator of this game, has also developed other similar games and ensured both a challenging environment and motivated enemies in Karnage.io. Karnage.io is a great place to enhance and utilize your shooting abilities.

karnage.io unblockedThere are helpful materials which you can utilize in the course of the game. With the medkit, you can ensure that your character stays healthy. With the ammo crate, you can replenish your ammo, and with the armor kit, you ensure minimal damage to your character.

As you kill more opponents and increase your score, you can upgrade to enjoy enhanced abilities. There are six character upgrades in Karnage.io. The longer you stay in the game, you more character upgrades you get to experience.


  1. Aim for your opponents head and try to shoot as you dodge. That would help you defeat them better.
  2. With the arrow keys or WASD keys, you can move around the battlefield. The space bar allows you to jump, while the left mouse is the shooting key.
  3. Your goal is to kill as many opponents as possible, navigate the obstacles and get to the top of the leaderboard.

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