About Game

Have you ever tried to play a game where you have to fly into space and kill your enemies? If no, try this one. Zorelit.io is a game where you need to move around the map to kill your enemies to eliminate them from the game. This jet based game is hilarious fun to play. There are rocks and other harmful species in the space from which you have to pass.

Gameplay Description

You need to understand the rules carefully before playing. You need to kill your enemies and keep yourself away from them at times. The last remaining jet will be declared as a winner. Do not get in contact with the rocks there on the map. It will make you weak and decreases your chances to win the game. As it is an online multi-player game so other player would try to kill each other. Just wait for your turn and show up with full energy. Get your aim right and kill them all. 

zorelit.io description

You will get some boost options there in the game get them as soon as possible when you're hit by someone else. It will help you get your energy at its best. You can choose different aiming options in the game. It is a totally fun game to play and fly your jet. It makes you feel like you are controlling a spaceship as the graphics of the game are something like space.

How to Play?

There is no difficulty for someone to understand the controls of any io game. Anyhow, in this game then the mouse is used to control the jet. The same function is done by the arrow keys as well. The left mouse key is used to fire your opponents. The energy packets and weapons are attained by the mouse.

You have done nothing if you didn't play a game like this. These type of jet games are amazing to play. So, play the game and have some fun by killing other online players like you.

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