About Dupl.io

Brain is an essential part of the human body. To test your brain’s decision power you can play a game called Dupl.io.Duplio is a game by the IO games, which will test how quickly you can make a decision to duplicate your blocks. Play this addictive game and find out.

Gameplay description

Enter the name and start the game. The game starts with a white board with 1 block with each player. Click on the block. When clicked 4 times, the block will finish itself from that place and duplicate itself into 4 new parts. Expand your area by duplicating the blocks. The one who covers most of the board’s area by duplicating the blocks, will win the game. You can also turn the opponent’s blocks into your blocks by duplicating. The opponent will also be doing the same to make quick moves.

dupl.io game

An interesting thing is this game is that you can form allies with online player. You can become allies of 2 people. In this way you both will not be able to acquire each other’s blocks and can defeat other by team work. The one who will cover the most area with the blocks wins the game. Use your brain to build a strategy and play this game. The goal is to cover most of the area on the white board with your color blocks.

Controls to play the game 

To duplicate the blocks simply click left on the mouse of your laptop or computer. 

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