Wreck It

About game

Wreck it.io is a free, online, multiplayer, action game developed by Gabriel Pinheiro. The characters are simplistic yet the gameplay is intense.

The objective of the game is not hard to grasp; smash and earn. That is all it takes to earn points. Your character is a tank which is equipped with a wrecking ball with which you use to unleash disaster upon every character that crosses your path. You have to swing the ball around and smash other players in your path in order to eliminate them.

wreck it game

Swinging the spike is quite easy; however, if you must earn more points with speed you would need to develop excellent timing and swinging skill in order to maximize the destructive potential of your swings. That might take a little bit of time and effort, but it would be absolutely worth it. The returns would be clearly visible on the leaderboard as your scores increase exponentially.

wreck it unblocked

As you smash other characters, you must also take care to smash the colorful objects that dot the ‘gamescape’. That is because hitting those colorful targets would increase the size of your tank and its power. Your wrecking ball gets bigger too when you hit the colored objects. However, you must be careful not to crash into the colored objects, because you lose points if you crash into them.

The game is exclusive to web browsers. It is not found on any other platforms.   


  • Left click or tap the space bar to pull the wrecking ball.
  • Use the arrow keys to move in any direction around the game terrain.

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