About GoEatBomb.io

This unique new game is super fun and interesting to play. Just playing it for a few minutes got me hooked. Here, you eat cats, try to kill your enemies, avoid exploding yourself and gain coins alongside which will help you buy upgrades that will assist you in becoming better at this game.

Game Description

Access the game arena after giving your monster a nickname. When you enter the game, you will see plenty of other players, objects and kittens popping up. Your goal is to avoid kill or eat your enemies and eat the kittens and objects along the way. The kittens will help you grow bigger, mushrooms will help you grow bigger temporarily and the N2O pills will help you move faster. This will help you gain points that will put you on a good position on the leaderboard. The more opponents, objects and cats you gobble up the bigger you will get.

goeatbomb.io game

Look out for your monster’s anger by watching its eyes and the anger indicator on the screen. If the eyes get red and the indicator fills up your monster will explode. This is an advantage that you can use to kill your enemies or make them smaller by exploding near them.

The game offers cool upgrades including hats, sets of teeth and glasses that you can buy with coins to become stronger. But getting coins can be tricky, either you will have to wait a few hours for the game to give you a bunch of coins or you can buy them online following the instructions.

How to play GoEatBomb.io

Simply move your mouse in the direction you want your monster to go. Click the left mouse button on your monster to open its mouth, click and hold the left mouse button on your monster to open its mouth bigger.

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