swordz.io drawing gameHack-n-slash is my favorite genre. I also believe that cutting & slashing your enemies in an intense battlefield is all about having fun, right? Swordz.io brings back the classic & exciting edition of hack-n-slash in the world of IO with really simple arts and funny actions. You got a soul, you got a sword and there’re enemies all around. What’re you waiting for? Kill ‘em all & rule the battlefield, warrior!


The graphics of Swordz io is nothing special, to be honest. It’s quite similar to any other classic IO games. Your avatar is a round-shaped color balls holding a sword in its hand. Your target is to destroy all other orbs + enemies in the arena and dominate the leaderboard.

The game doesn’t feature any additional game mode, but the game itself is quite exciting when you’re in a brawl of numerous players trying to kill each other. There are other color balls in the arena floating around. Destroy them and earn your precious points.


The game features really simple controls. However, the simplicity of controls allows you focus on the game and feel the adrenaline rush of your brain!

  • Movement – Cursor [avatar will follow the cursor]
  • Slash – Left-click (mouse)
  • Dash – Right-click (mouse)


swordz.io gameplayYour target is to become the greatest swordsman in the map in points. The more you kill, the better your score will be.

At first, try to understand the reach of your weapon. Whenever you slash, it’ll slash in the direction of your cursor. The weapon has a certain slash radius. Get used to the weapon, its range, and attack while moving. The dash is a unique ability in this game.

There is a bar on the top-left corner where you can see the percentage of your energy. Right-click to dash and the bar will become 0%. Don’t worry; it’ll replenish within a few seconds. Using a dash, you can quickly evade an attack or make a surprise attack to kill your enemy.

There are other balls floating all around yourself. Destroy them as much as possible. That’s the main way to progress in the leaderboard. Moreover, they’ll a good practice for understanding your range and attacking methods.

Ready for adventure?

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