About Game

Namcap is an interesting and addictive game where you can play as a ghost or as a dot eater. It's up to you. If you are playing as an eater then beware of the ghost. The ghosts will try to kill you. The game is highly recommended as it has interesting features. There are millions of people around the world who are playing this game. The rating of has been astonishing. It is almost 9/10 which is a great achievement for an io game store.

Gameplay Description

First of all, you need to pick a side with whom you want to play for. If you are a dot eater you must eat as many as dots you can. It makes you bigger and powerful which is a dangerous situation for the ghosts. You can destroy a ghost easily when you get magic pills on the map.

namcap game

You may play for the ghosts as well which has the main task to protect his body and stop Pacman or eater to stop eating. There are different traps for the ghosts in the game where they can't kill the Pacman. If a ghost is gets trapped, he cannot see for a long time. You need to be aware of these traps. If you want to score well then you have to be good too. When a Pacman grabs a magic pill, it is hard to survive in the game as a ghost. You can have an idea when a Pacman has a pill by looking a light in his eyes.

How to Play?

You won't see controls as easy as in io games are. This game has simple controls and the only mouse is used for the movement and spacebar is used to destroy the closest square of the wall (this is used only in case of ghosts). You can play this game on any web browser and it is totally free game to play. It is not even blocked in any country and this is the beauty of the game.

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