Food is the essence of life. Life needs energy and it’s harnessed from various foods. We all love to eat, right? Pizza, burger, candy, fruits, veggies etc. all are always on our list of eating. Whether we like or not, eating is a must. What about fighting with the foods instead? What would it be killing others with all the delicious foods we love? What would happen if pizza, burgers, cherries etc. were all weapons and a mean to make destruction? Time to figure it out on where the delicious foods are the weapons!


The graphics of is quite simple and nothing special. However, it offers some really awesome, exciting and interesting things to do on the battlefield. This is where the game is truly fantastic. You won’t believe yourself unless you engage in the battlefield.

strategy gameplay

You spawn as a commoner in the field with nothing in hand. There are tons of foods all around yourself. Touch any of them and those will become your weapon! Yes, you have to kill your enemies by collecting food and throwing at them. Don’t worry; your avatar gets to eat when touching multiple foods. The leaderboard is also about getting the most kills possible.


The controls are quite simple and intuitive. You can move around the arena and shoot at your enemies

  • Movement – WASD or Arrow keys
  • Shoot (foods) – Left-click (mouse)

Strategy strategyYour shooting skill is quite important in this game as it’ll get you more kills and a higher place in the leaderboard. Moreover, you also have to know when to retreat and run away. Note that there’s nothing to level up, only the shooting and eating is the matter here.

When you spawn, you have nothing in hand. Try to grab the nearest food first. The foods are your ammo. Each time you shoot, your hand will become empty. You need to grab another food for attacking your enemies. Note that there’s no hand-to-hand combat here.

If you’re damaged, you can eat food to heal yourself. Yes, foods are not only ammo here. With one food in hand, grab as many foods possible to replenish your health. There are several foods with a special glow around themselves. Those are power foods that give you the better advantage on the battlefield and regenerate more health.

Try to anticipate your enemy’s path to make a perfect hit of your bullets. Each perfect hit will take down quite a good percentage of HP and a couple shot is enough to make a kill. Note that the last shooter that takes down the enemy is the scorer. Get as much kills as possible. Reviews