About Powerline.io

Powerline io is another modern remake of the classic retro arcade game known as ‘snake’. It is a slightly modified version of an old, classic game. This version supports multiple players and is played online.  It is quite interesting in the sense that instead of a snake, you get to control an electric light that increases in length as you acquire colorful balls of energy.

Powerline.io GAME

The objective is to navigate the ‘gamescape’ as you collect colored balls of energy which would make you grow as you consume more of them. You have to move around the terrain and attempt to intercept your enemies to destroy them; this is the only way to get the balls of energy. You must block the path of an enemy and make their head section touch their body. If you do make their heads touch their body, they die and become a long streak of energy which you can consume and increase in length.

powerline.io opponents

There is a speed boost in the game which you can use to move ahead of your opponents. You must be careful with the speed boost though because it will diminish your size after you use it. You must be wary of the outer border area too. This is because, if you do hit the border, your strand of light will be destroyed.

Powerlineio is interesting to watch. I bid you step in and attempt to build the longest powerline as you eat your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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