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Torn is an extremely exciting and engrossing online multiplayer strategy game. It is an ambitious attempt to fill the gaping chasm left in the wake of the classic game “Runescapes’” success. It combines the depth and scale of a multimedia roleplaying game with the ease of the simplest browser games. The game goes beyond the regular simplistic plots of the average browser and .io games. The realism is incredible. The intricacy of its plot forces you to concentrate intensely and exert your mind.


Torn is a text-based role playing game that is set in Torn city. Torn city is a murky and brutal urban jungle. You pick your character and navigate to the top of the food chain in the city. You are free to interact with the characters in any way you choose; you can marry, trade, befriend, rob or compete with them.

The objective is to pick a path for character advancement in the game, also known as character path and get to the top of the food chain of Torn City using that character. There are three categories of paths available, they are known as; Executive, Criminal and Fighter.   

torn game

The Executive character path is purely business focused; all your options and choices are built around commerce and business enterprise. Your path to the top is by amassing and wielding financial power.

The Criminal character path is focused on underworld activities; you must rise by amassing your fortune through illegal means and also intimidating, bullying and robbing other players.

The Fighter is a mix between a businessman, bountyhunter and criminal.  

  • Buying other player services
  • Gambling in casinos
  • Buying weapons used in brawls such as baseball bats, daggers and chains.
  • Purchasing stock
  • Investing in bank assets
  • Purchasing collectibles and rare items
  • Acquiring Properties
  • Purchasing computer viruses
  • Bailing others from jail
  • Acquiring an education
  • Placing bounties
  • Purchasing companies
  • Buying primary weapons( Assault rifles, machine guns)
  • Going to the rehab
  • Buying Gym memberships
  • Buying medical items
  • Buying factions
  • Buying car parts
  • Buying alcohol and energy drinks
  • Buying adverts

Each path must engage in these activities. Now, you must interact with other players and make decisions as your path dictates. Torn is an exciting strategy game. You would engage in a battle of wits with players from around the globe. It is incredibly popular and this is due in large part to the constant feature updates.

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