In the endless universe, we live on a tiny planet that’s rotating around a tiny fireball. There are more and more astral bodies everywhere in the universe consisting of numerous planets, fireballs and deadly objects to eat everything. Although all of them are following the much-defined rules of physics, did you ever wonder becoming an asteroid/planet and soar through the endlessness? For the astronauts and sky rulers, it’s time to rule in the universe of Zorbio – a place where planets fight with each other for glory!

zorbio.io drawing game


If you’ve played other IO games, you’ll notice that all of them follow very simple tricks with a simplistic interface. It’s alright if you’re looking for a super-polished, cutting-edge game where the interface and everything else will blow up your mind. Zorb.io meets all the requirements to become one of the most thrilling games in the world.

The basic control is easy, but really HARD to master. Once mastered, you need to have control over your own planet to destroy everything else in the path. Yes, the laws of physics are no more! It’s a universe where every space body has their own will and moves throughout the open space.


zorb.io unblockedSpoiler alert – the controls are crazily HARD! Yes, you heard me right. The mechanics of Zorbio is quite simple. However, due to the difficulty of control throughout the 3D space, you’ll surely have a really hard time. The controls are all made by using your cursor. Navigating your cursor in any direction is easy, but you have to control your planet in a 3D space. So, brace yourself!

  • Direction – Cursor (in 3D space)
  • Speed boost – Left-click / W
  • Break – Right-click / S


The main thing in this game is to destroy others and become more and more powerful and ultimately, the biggest planet of all.

In this game, the greatest enemy of you will be the control. Experienced players have already mastered it, but it’s quite a difficult one for new players to pick up. Play more and more to understand the rule and tricks of the movement control. After all, it’s 3D movement controlled in a 2D screen.

Here, you can grow your size in 2 ways – consuming all the edibles scattered in the endless space and by destroying other planets throughout the empty space. The foods are available either without order or by a beautiful trail. For mastering the control, it’s good for you to try your hardest to follow the trail. This will teach more about you.

zorb.io controls

The only way to kill other planets is by rushing towards them. Try to anticipate the target planet’s trajectory, get near it and boost to smash it into pieces. However, you can’t defeat any planet you like. If a planet is bigger than yours, you’ll die instead. So, make sure to go after a suitable one.

There are also a good number of available planets in the “Skins” tab. You’ll be amazed when you see that Earth, Uranus etc. planets are available for your pure fun.

Ready to rule the universe?

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